Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog


While I keep updating the website, Im hoping on the next weeks to add more content to this Blog. It will be content mostly about my 3 main passions Web Design, photography and some music related news from my current favourite bands.

Meanwhile, here is a video I did for my friend Dave Fielding original member of the legendary cult 80’s band The Chameleons. Although the quality isn’t very good due that the original footage comes mainly from old VHS video tapes, the footage is indeed very rare and had a great acceptance from the avid hardcore Chameleons fans.

the chameleons

The song is called ‘Jesus came to Manchester‘ by The Reegs, which was Dave Fielding and Reg Smithies solo band when The Chameleons did split up sometime around 1987. This particular rare track its sung by Reckless Robbie Malone a Manchester poet who sadly passed away some years ago. Dave Fielding was supposed to produce ‘Snooker Hooligan‘ which was Robbie musical project but sadly it never happened.

I had the pleasure to see The Reegs 3 times when I was living in Manchester in 1998 and I always will remember those gigs as one of the most special ever in my entire life. The first time was in Night&Day in Manchester northern quarter and it was a coincidence! The second in Kaleida (Which is call now Matts and Frets this days I think). The last one was at the Witchwood in Ashton.

You can read more about my first live experience with this fantastic and criminally underated band in the notes I wrote in the booklet that comes with the lyrics in the double cd ‘The Reegs Definitive collection‘ released in 2009. Dave told me recently there was a possibility of a re release in the near future. So hoping here for more unreleased stuff (perhaps The live recording at The Duchess Of York in Leeds?)

Dave Fielding and John Lever (Along with Puressence frontman James Mudriczky) are currently recording a new album which is due for release in May 2015. We are looking forward to that.

I also run a unofficial website for The Reegs since 2004 and a Facebook Fan group. Since there was no information at all on the internet from this two excellent guitarists band I thought that someone had to do it.

Its been 11 years since I started the website and needs obviously a new design, which is something I’m hoping to do in the near future …If I manage to keep and migrate all the data!

I hope you enjoy the video anyway.


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