January 12, 2015 Pedro Vila

Two Skies live Video by PVV Web Design

Two Skies live Video by PVV Web Design


Last December 2014 I attended to the ‘Psychotic Reaction’ Festival in a venue called Gullivers in Manchester city center. Like the name well says there were Psychedelic bands lined up all day. Due that psychedelia is my current fav genre and also TWO SKIES  my current favourite band, I decided to bring my camera and recorded some live video.

As I pointed out before I don’t own a professional equipment, just a point and shoot photo camera that allows me to record in 720hp (which is enough for me at the moment). A few days later I showed some of the members of the band the video recording and I was very surprised (and happy!) to hear that they wanted to use the footage for their next promotional clip of the new single STAY.
And this is the final result:


 Stay-Two Skies

I have some live video I recorded from TWO SKIES on their last tour in England in 2014 so I am hoping to edit it with original audio and upload it on youtube pretty soon.

Stay tuned!

If you want to listen to this amazing Sheffield band click here


Two Skies-Sheffield

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