PVV Web Design new partnership agreement with KMA Disseny


We are very happy to announce that PVV Web Design and KMA Disseny have a new business partnership.

KMA Disseny are a leading agency in Web Design based in Barcelona. They also expertise in HTML5 and CSS3. They are one of the best Companies in E-Commerce and Search Engine Optimisation and have helped in the past to boost dramatically the search engine ranking for all their clients in Spain.

You can see their KMA Disseny portfolio clicking here

If you need a Website in spanish or for a bussiness based in Spain, KMA Disseny is without a doubt your best partner.


PVV Web Design new partnership agreement with KMA Disseny

PVV Web Design new partnership agreement with KMA Disseny

David Jones art. Sheffield

David Jones paintings Sheffield


David Jones is an artist based in the city of Sheffield. His main work is mainly focused on Paintings, Sculptures and Drawings. David has done exhibitions in art galleries in London, Manchester, Sheffield and the Czech Republic.

On his own words:

“With my current paintings I am very much revisiting the feelings and impressions of living in Arabia during the mid 70’s when I was a child. The strangeness of arriving in a place that was still being built, the surreal expanses of concrete foundations for houses, shops, hospitals etc. that would one day form a town, empty of site workers on days off. The call to prayer and the Arabic writing especially struck me; huge billboards on roads next to empty wasteland advertising airline companies with images of avian aggression incorporated into the logo, and trippy, neon flashing adverts for soft drinks on the TV with their analog synth jingles that crudely anticipated the electronic dance music that would come years later.

My work draws as much from historical imagery as it does from the visual devices of current media such as advertising, computer games and logo design. Oriental decoration, Baroque tromp l’oeil, Medieval heraldry and Eastern calligraphy influence a preoccupation with Geometric Abstraction.
I am interested in how as a culture we categorize phenomena and by what criteria we evaluate and label hierarchies of objects and experiences and to what extent our experience of living is covertly prescribed by the incessant “noise” of modern living.”

We just finished a new mobile friendly website where he is showing his most recent work. Click on the link below if you want to visit David’s website:
David Jones art Sheffield

Two Skies live Video by PVV Web Design

Two Skies live Video by PVV Web Design


Last December 2014 I attended to the ‘Psychotic Reaction’ Festival in a venue called Gullivers in Manchester city center. Like the name well says there were Psychedelic bands lined up all day. Due that psychedelia is my current fav genre and also TWO SKIES  my current favourite band, I decided to bring my camera and recorded some live video.

As I pointed out before I don’t own a professional equipment, just a point and shoot photo camera that allows me to record in 720hp (which is enough for me at the moment). A few days later I showed some of the members of the band the video recording and I was very surprised (and happy!) to hear that they wanted to use the footage for their next promotional clip of the new single STAY.
And this is the final result:


 Stay-Two Skies

I have some live video I recorded from TWO SKIES on their last tour in England in 2014 so I am hoping to edit it with original audio and upload it on youtube pretty soon.

Stay tuned!

If you want to listen to this amazing Sheffield band click here


Two Skies-Sheffield

Pau Leal photo Session. Our very own Jim Morrison Young Lion kid.

Pau Leal photo Session. Our very own Jim Morrison Young Lion kid.

Sometime in 1967 a young photographer who worked for Elektra Records in NY city called Joel Brodsky  did a photo session for the world famous singer of the band The Doors. This pictures later became the most widely and well known photos from the bare chested iconic singer.

The first photo shoot produced the Grammy nominated back cover photograph that is used on the band’s self titled debut album. The second gave birth to the Lizard King. In this second session its well known the fact that Morrison was highly inebriated (Why he doesn’t looks to me?). The famous photos are known as ‘The Young Lion’.

young lion

Morrison The Young Lion

Its funny because being a massive Doors fan as I am, I always thought that this photos never portrayed the real Jim Morrison. I mean, on his short career with the band (barely 4-5 years) he quickly changed his appearance and physical features and I personally think he never looked again like he did in that day anymore. He went through different periods with his image: short and long hair, with and without a beard, the leather trousers years, and also due to his well known drinking habits he did gain more and more weight over the years. But like I said he never had the same look again like he did on The Young Lion photo session. That was not Jim Morrison. Funnily enough it became the most iconic photo from the lead singer.

A few years ago while I was living in Madrid, me and my good friend Pedro Leal and his wife Laura Beatriz Suela, we had together the idea to do a kind of Young Lion photo Session but this time we will do it to their eldest son Pau Leal. The idea was basically to replicate the original Morrison’s ‘Young Lion’ photo session and Pau would be our best model.

Just for fun! and, who Knows? give something original to remember when the lad grows old.

Joel Brodsky Young lion photo session 1967

Joel Brodsky Young lion photo session 1967

It was a project we had in mind for a little while so we waited a few months for when the kid’s hair had a similar length like the legendary Doors singer.
I also supplied a necklace I bought in Venice Beach on my first trip to Los Angeles in the early 90s to try and make Pau look even more like Jim Morrison in the original poster.

We were unsure what the outcome was going to be like…but we had to give it a go!

At first it was not easy (It is never easy when you do this kind of things with kids) but I have to say Pau acted like a real professional Model. Nice one lad.
Our photo session lasted almost a whole day and we took loads and loads of photos in order to be able to choose only the best ones for our poster. I also thought It would be the best to let the parents choose the photos they thought that would be the best ones so we could all have our share in the project.

The second stage was to edit the photos and make them look as much as possible as if they were original from the 60s. We had a great fun and also a good laugh mainly because the kid didn’t know what the hell we were doing. But I have to say Pau seemed that he was enjoying it too.

At the end of the day we were pretty pleased with the results and Im honoured to say that the poster hangs framed in the lad’s bedroom.

The first photo above is obviously the original Jim Morrison photo session and the second our very own ‘Young Lion’ replica.

I hope you like it.


Pau Leal The young lion

Pau Leal-The Young Lion Madrid 2009  © by Pedro Vila


Thank you Pau! and also thank you to my friends Pedrote Leal and Beatriz Suela for their collaboration.

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